Membership in the Rhode Island Trucking Association (RITA) offers strength in numbers to offer solutions to our common and unique business sector needs.

At the core of RITA’s advocacy is developing a network of trusted partners who deliver added benefits to our members – our lifeblood – and flank them in meeting the many challenges of our industry.

Whether you need benefits to protect your hard-earned assets or valued employees, require compliance services to comply with the law or sustain your operations, or need an honest broker to advise and guide your decision-making, RITA has the team in place to serve members today and in the future.

Are you wondering about the ways your company can benefit from membership? Review our Benefits for the Long Haul.

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Membership Levels

Membership LevelAnnual Fee
Carrier Minimum$350
Mid-Level I Carrier$450
Mid-Level II Carrier$675
Max-Level Carrier$1,450
Associate Minimum$350
Mid-Level Associate$450
Max-Level Associate$575

Drug Consortium Application

To participate in the drug testing consortium, your company must be a current Rhode Island Trucking Association member. A $50 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment and at annual renewal.

Designated Company Rep (DER)(Required)
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Benefits for the Long Haul

Health & Wellness Benefits

Commercial Insurance & Risk Management

Supplemental Benefits & Financial Services

Administrative Services

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