Background Checks

The Rhode Island Trucking Association and Fleet Screen have developed a proprietary background check service for RITA members to assist them with their driver screening needs. Criminal Background Checks and Motor Vehicle Records (MVR’s) are essential screening tools for motor carriers to ensure that their prospective drivers meet the safety criteria established by the industry and company policy.

All reports are FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant and are reviewed by Fleet Screen prior to reporting to your company.

Fleetscreen is also a licensed Texas DPS investigation organization.

Screening Bundles

  1. Driver Bundled Package - $50
    Social Security Verification CDLIS Report Rhode Island Driving Records (MVR’s) National Criminal Database 1 County Criminal Report
  2. R.I. Criminal Record Check - $28
    National Criminal Database Statewide Criminal Database 1 County Criminal Report

Individual Screening Services (Ordered a-la-carte)

  1. Motor Vehicle Reports $18
    (All states except AR, DE, DC, CT, IL, MD, MS, NH, NJ, OK, RI, VT, WA)
  2. Motor Vehicle Reports $21
    ( In AR, DE, DC, IL, MD, MS, NH, NJ, WA)
  3. Motor Vehicle Reports $20
    (In CT, RI, VT)
  4. Motor Vehicle Reports $32
  1. County Criminal Records $14
  2. SSN Verification - $4
  3. CDLIS Report - $4
  1. National Criminal Records $14
  2. DOT Employment Verification $14
*Court fees may apply in isolated counties. Please contact RITA or a Fleet Screen representative for additional information on courts that charge access fees.


Please email driver information to or to order your background check.

Information required:

1.) Driver's Full Name (Verify Spelling)
2.) DOB
3.) Current Address
4.) Driver's License State and Number
5.) Social Security Number - Background Checks Only (Not required for MVR's)


Product Descriptions

This is the first step in identifying false information provided on a job application. From these searches we verify that the social security number was actually assigned to the Subject, the state of issuance, as well as other names the Subject has used and a complete address history. The number is also verified through the Master Death Index.

The Nationwide Criminal Database Search is a comprehensive database search that provides criminal information from 40 states and 32 state sex-offender registries. Provides rapid access to the largest criminal database available, with millions of offense records. It is a valuable information resource that may discover convictions in counties not identified in a Social Security Trace or County Criminal Report if the subject never lived in the county. Records from states are indexed from state correctional institutions, sexual offender and violent offender lists, the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and some state and county court records.

Statewide felony and misdemeanor records disposed since 1984. Records are from all Rhode Island Superior and District courts. State Database is updated monthly.

Criminal history search using name, date of birth and social security number. We search for all felonies and misdemeanors in the county of residence. Results include case number, violation date, filing date, charges, plea and disposition. This search also produces any active warrants or open cases that an applicant may have.

Driving Records obtained directly from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles by state of issue. We are an authorized network provider for state DMV's and have a direct line into the department database of each state. Records are retrieved directly from that database.
CDLIS allows employers and their agents to comply with FMCSA requirements (§ 391.21-391.27), by searching within the "Commercial Driver's License Information System" for any prior licenses, current CDL and up to three prior licenses held by said individual. Provides user with:

Present Jurisdictional State and Driver’s License Number
Up to Three Previously held CDL Numbers
AKA Information
Mandated by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA) of 1986, CDLIS supports the issuance of commercial driver licenses (CDLs) by the jurisdictions, and assists jurisdictions in meeting the goals of the basic tenet "that each driver, nationwide, have only one driver license and one record" through the cooperative exchange of commercial driver information between jurisdictions.